Be sure to also see: Plattlerhosen (special Lederhosen for Schuhplattling)
Bundhosen ("Knickers" -- Lederhosen bound below the knee)


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Antique Leather Vest, Belt and Lederhose from Haus of Bavaria Online!

Distressed Leather Vest

WE3164 Distressed Leather Vest
Soft goat leather, color gold/brown. Raised embroidery on pockets. Silk lining. Button down inside pockets. Imported.


Larger sizes & Made to Measure orders, please call for price & allow us 60 to 90 days delivery.

BE2444 Country-style Brown Leather Belt
with embroidery, four Edelweiss and two antique silver buckles.
From Austria. Length 34" thru 42"

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Distressed Leather - Lederhose
with Suspenders

Very soft goat leather, gold/brown. Raised embroidery on front, side & suspender. Side slit with buttons. Price includes suspenders.

Sizes  34, 36 : $256.00
Sizes 38, 40 : $256.00
Sizes 42 & 44: $274.00

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Larger sizes made to measure: please call for price & allow us 60 to 90 days for delivery.

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